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What are Brand TLDs?

What are Brand TLDs?
Brand TLDs are top-level domain extensions with your company name. Although generic domain names such as .com or .net are a great opportunity to ensure a piece of online real estate for your organization, a .mycompany or .mybrand domain allows you to secure your digital industrial property assets all over the world.

Companies with their own domain extension see brand trust grow exponentially among their users while creating a new way to offer their products and services to their partners, providers and customers.

How can we help you?

Ubilibet is a consulting firm specializing in the Domain Name System. Currently, we manage new domain extensions for some of the main Spanish brands. In the next months, ICANN intends to launch a new round of domain applications. Our team can advise you and provide your company with all necessary safeguards to handle any challenges that may come up during the delegation process and further dealings with the assignment authority.

Why should I register a Brand TLD?

New source of income

Second-level domains and email accounts using your organization's brand name can be a great business opportunity and add value for your customers.

Increased safety

Users accessing a .mycompany or .mybrand domain will be certain they're interacting with you on a safe environment. Plus, your business will enjoy a totally secure, unique domain name space.

User convenience

Create .mycompany or .mybrand domain names containing keywords that will help users navigate to the content they want to access, such as hr.mycompany or sales.mycompany, or use more descriptive emails, such as chris@legal.mycompany or rebecca@marketing.mycompany.

Protect your trademark

Forget about cybersquatting. Getting your own domain name will improve your brands' visibility and will secure you exclusive availability for your desired domains.

Expand your brand

Having your own domain extension shows your company's leadership and your brand's market prevalence. An exclusive domain will also help your business consolidate its online presence while growing and promoting your brand prestige.

Engage with consumers

Connect your name with your users' favorite brand with exclusive email addresses — a whole new online and offline marketing channel.

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