Adult Block

Protect your brand from adult domain extensions

What is Adult Block?

Adult Block is a new online protection and defensive registration service designed to prevent the use of your mark (or similar name) as an .adult, .porn, .sex, or .xxx domain.

Avoid unpleasant situations that could jeopardize your brand — as a registered trademark owner, you can proactively protect your rights against adult content materials by blocking any domains connecting with your mark.

Is this service right for me?

Adult domain blocking is important for both small and large businesses. Trademarks are extremely valuable assets, so keeping your corporate image under control is absolutely crucial regardless of your company size. Although bigger brands tend to be more exposed, the impact of third-party abuse can be devastating for any organization. Because of this, it is vital for businesses large and small to include domain blocking in their defensive marketing strategy.

Choose your plan

Adult Block and
Adult Block+ Benefits

Block homographs and confusing characters (variations)

Block IDN characters available in all ICM TLDs (.xxx, .porn, .sex and .adult)

Block other known ways to deceive users, including swapping an L with a 1 or an E with a 3

Who can apply
for Adult Block?

Anyone who took part on the .xxx Sunrise B program

Anyone with a trademark registered in TMCH

You can sign up for this with any registrar, regardless of where you registered the .xxx Sunrise B or TMCH service

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