Global Block

Protect your brand from fraudulent domains in over 700* TLDs, all at once and without registrations

What is Global Block?

With Global Block you prevent others from using your brand in domain names for more than 700 TLDs

  • Geographical TLDs (ccTLDs)
  • Generic TLDs (gTLDs and nTLDs)
  • Blockchain, BFT,Web3 domains

Your brand:
Your registered domains:

Domains blocked by Global Block:
and other 700 domains and its variants

This domain blocking service excludes domain names containing your brand in different extensions (generic, territorial, and NFT) and malicious combinations aimed at scamming your users and clients from the market. This way, no one can register domains confusingly similar to your brand and use them to launch attacks impersonating your business.

The blocked domains are not technically registered, but remain inactive until you decide to use them for your business. This system allows you to take them off the market at a much more affordable one-time price than you would pay for individually registering hundreds of domains.

* Global Black is in full development. Currently, it has about 600 extensions available. Throughout 2024, additional extensions may be included, reaching a total of 750.

Global Block benefits at a glance


Protect more, with less


One sole procedure, no registration


Protected for up to 3 years


Cheaper than individual registration

Key extensions by industry

Discover below some of the most relevant TLDs that Global Block blocks for your industry:


.app .click .contact .dev .digital .directory .docs .download .email .id .info .io .media .mobi .mov .systems .technology .wiki .zip...


.blackfriday .cheap .eco .fan .forsale .gratis .moda .promo .sale .shoes .shop .shopping .tienda...

Business and professional

.biz .business .careers .company .consulting .digital .enterprises .finance .international .marketing .solutions .abogado .legal...


.apartments .cruises .flights .holiday .rentals .tours .travel .vacations .viajes...

Wellness and Health

.clinic .dental .dentist .doctor .fitness .health .healthcare .hospital .yoga...

Leisure and lifestyle

.contact .events .fitness .futbol .group .media .new .news .stream .training .yoga .bar .love .cool .social .style .vip...


Automatic protection

Global Block captures all available domain names that match your brand and places them in your account to prevent cybercriminals from registering and using them for attacks.

Domain Unblocking

¿Te interesa alguno de los dominios bloqueados para usarlo para tu negocio? No hay problema, con el servicio de Desbloqueo de dominios solo tienes que solicitarlo y podrás usarlo cómo y cuando quieras.

Priority AutoCatch

Global Block monitors third-party domain names that use your brand. When it detects that one has become available for registration (for example, when the owner has not renewed their registration), it automatically includes it in its list of blocked domains.

Automatic Domain Assurance

To mitigate the risk of losing a domain by mistake, Global Block captures any identical domain to your brand if it expires or is mistakenly deleted.

Why you should activate Global Block

  • Prevent cybercriminals from carrying out attacks with your brand.
  • Automatically block malicious combinations and multilingual characters used to deceive your customers and users.
  • It avoids legal battles and costly processes, such as UDRP, to deactivate fraudulent domains.
  • Protect your brand from human errors and domain loss.
  • Protect your brand from reputational, commercial, and technical costs derived from online fraud.
  • It is equivalent to defensively registering thousands of domain names for a single, much more affordable price.

Who is eligible for Global Block?

  • Applicants with a valid SMD file or a BSA IPR number (TMCH, DPML, and Adult Block clients)
  • Marcas registradas (incluidos indicadores geográficos y marcas protegidas por ley o tratado, mediante verificación documental
  • Marcas no registradas, mediante verificación documental
  • Nombre de empresas u organizaciones, mediante verificación documental
  • Nombre de celebridades, mediante verificación documental

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