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What is brand and trademark monitoring?

The increase in online threats and infringements means that it is essential to monitor and protect your brand if you want to identify potential abuses, so you can take the necessary action to preserve your company’s integrity and reputation on the Internet. Ubilibet’s advanced software allows you to track down potential infringements, prioritize actions and take all needed steps to counter abuse.

With Ubilibet you can quickly and effectively respond to common brand and trademark infringement


Cybersquatting —one of the most common digital frauds— strongly undermines user and consumer trust. Cybersquatters frequently register domain names where they unlawfully use trademarks and impersonate companies for illegitimate purposes.


Fake emails are a common way to deceive consumers and gain access to their personal information with the aim of stealing valuable data, including credit cards and passwords. Our software detects any infringing activity and our team can help you take all necessary legal measures to make it cease.

Counterfeit & Piracy

From URLs to websites selling counterfeit goods, make sure to stop at once any illicit contents that can impact your company's image.

How can we help you?

Ubilibet’s Monitoring service scans the Internet and flags potential cases of illegitimate trademark use. Our monitoring technology assesses online contents and pinpoints activities infringing your mark.

Through our software, we monitor domain names — the gateway to the most common digital infringement methods, such as phishing and piracy.

Once all fraudulent content has been compiled and all data has been filtered and categorized, you’ll get an in-depth monitoring report.

Scan your trademark on the Internet
Trace any fraudulent use
Get comprehensive reports

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Monitoring Service Features

What does it involve?

Ubilibet traces existing registered domains containing a given word as well as its most relevant variations.

We also scan the Internet to detect any new domain names that are registered with an identical or similar naming.

You can join our Custom Reporting plan even if you don't sign up for any other services.

You can monitor any name or term — no need to own a registered trademark!

Data source: Registries .zone files and DNS traffic statistics

Initial report

First report provides you with a full list of registered domains containing the brand name or trademark you want to monitor

Get an accurate picture of a given naming on the Internet

Online and CSV downloadable formats

Includes an automatically generated list of trade names or marks variations based on misspellings and IDN homograph attacks statistics

Access Whois data and spoofing URL directly from the flagged domain names list

Updating reports

Dynamic reporting system with daily or weekly updates

Daily or weekly update reports only include newly registered or cancelled domain names

Choose which naming variations you want to monitor — add misspellings, omit multilingual characters, etc.

Fully automated email alert system

Decide how often and where you want to receive updates

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