Domain Watch

Detect and deactivate domains registered by third parties that use your brand to commit fraud and cyber attacks

Phishing · Scamming · Online fraud · Illicit sales and distribution

What is Domain Watch?

The increase in online threats and infringements means that it is essential to monitor and protect your brand if you want to identify potential abuses, so you can take the necessary action to preserve your company’s integrity and reputation on the Internet. Ubilibet’s advanced software allows you to track down potential infringements, prioritize actions and take all needed steps to counter abuse.

Detect and anticipate the most common brand abuses:


Cybersquatting —one of the most common digital frauds— strongly undermines user and consumer trust. Cybersquatters frequently register domain names where they unlawfully use trademarks and impersonate companies for illegitimate purposes.


Fake emails are a common way to deceive consumers and gain access to their personal information with the aim of stealing valuable data, including credit cards and passwords. Our software detects any infringing activity and our team can help you take all necessary legal measures to make it cease.

Counterfeit & Piracy

From URLs to websites selling counterfeit goods, make sure to stop at once any illicit contents that can impact your company's image.

Need legal help or advice?

How we help you

Ubilibet’s domain monitoring service consists of scanning your brand in registered domains and detecting illegitimate uses and infringements.

We monitor domain names, which are the gateway to the most common abuses on networks, such as phishing, fraud or impersonation.

Our monitoring technology automatically identifies these abuses in real time, categorizing them according to their risk level.

Our system groups the alerts received daily and automatically sends them to your mailbox once a week, indicating which cases to prioritize.

At the same time, our legal team carries out an analysis of the detected results and prepares a weekly report with an action plan for those cases that require your attention.

We scan your brand in registrered domains
We detect brand abuse and alert you
You get a legal report with an action plan



Expand your fraud monitoring coverage with BrandIntel Smart

With BrandIntel Smart you will detect online fraud on websites that don’t mention your brand in the domain name, but in contents and meta data.

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