Domain blocking

Keep your domain names safe from cyberquatting

Every day an average of 450 fraudulent domain names are created.
Our blocking services protect your brand from being used on domains registered by third parties.

Ubilibet - Qué es Trademark Clearinghouse

Global Block

Block your brand for more than 700 geographic, generic and blockchain domains.

Ubilibet - Servicio DPML


Protect your brand in over 300 extensions, ideal for brands that require multilingual protection


Adult Block

Block your exact or similar domain names from the extensions .porn, .adult, .sex and .xxx

What are domain blocking services

Domain names are an essential element in protecting a brand against online fraud. For example, if you are the owner of the domain and someone outside your business registers, you run the risk of them using that domain to deceive your clients in a phishing attack by pretending to be your company.

On the other hand, the fact that ends up in the hands of a third party can be an inconvenience if your business operates in UK, as it is a strategic extension for the British market.

A solution to make things easier for you.

Registering each and every potentially risky domain for your brand is impossible: new domains are registered every minute, there are countless variations, and it would be ridiculously expensive.

For this reason, domain blocking services were developed, which aim to perform this protective function, but without the need to register the domains. This gives you access to domain protection coverage that you can afford.

Which domain blocking service to choose?

The following comparison table will help you choose the solution that best suits your business. You can also contact our team for advice. The compared features are based on the advanced plans for the three products.

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