Counterfeits · Online Fraud · Identity theft

Protect the value of your brand on all digital channels

BrandIntel is our multi-platform and multi-channel brand monitoring service with which we protect your brand from infringement, abuse, illegitimate sale and distribution, and identity theft.

With BrandIntel you get rid of:

  • Fraudulent domains (phishing)
  • Fake and cloned websites
  • Phishing on any platform
  • Fake profiles on social networks
  • Fraudulent mobile apps
  • Counterfeits in eCommerce
  • Counterfeits in marketplaces
  • Fakes on Social Networks
  • Illegitimate sale of your products
  • Illegitimate distribution / Gray market

What do you need?


Detect and prevent phishing attacks and online fraud

Identify domain names that use your brand and pages that clone or copy your content to capture traffic illegitimately or deceive users in phishing attacks with the aim of stealing sensitive information.

Whether Your brand is a regular victim of online scams or phishing attacks, whether you want to start protecting it or carry out an audit, BrandIntel Smart is the solution that best suits your needs.


Detect fakes on websites and eCommerce

Detect illegitimate uses of your brand and the sale of counterfeits or copies on third-party websites and eCommerce.

BrandIntel Smart allows you to detect illegitimate sales and online fraud by monitoring domain names and their contents. and its metadata. It is ideal for brands with a low volume of incidents or those that are beginning to implement Online Brand Protection solutions.


Detect fakes on multiple platforms

Detect counterfeits, copies or pirated versions of your products on all sales platforms: marketplaces, eCommerce, social networks, appstores...

If your brand is a victim of selling counterfeits on Amazon, eBay, Instagram, Facebook, Shopee or any other platform, BrandIntel Enterprise is your solution. It has the most advanced technology of the moment to detect brand infringements on a global and multi-platform level and allows you to manage the mass elimination of cases in just a few clicks.


Detect illegal distribution and gray market

Control your distribution network: who sells what, where, in what channels, with what stock and at what price.

With BrandIntel Enterprise you can control compliance with your network's distribution licenses and detect sale in non-agreed channels, recovering control of the presence of your products in the different markets and platforms.
Especially relevant to control risk markets with a special incidence of the gray market.


What plan to choose?

BrandIntel Smart

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BrandIntel Enterprise

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