Cease and Desist (C&D)

We manage Cease & Desist applications to remove any online brand abuse activity

We are experts in Cease & Desist (C&D) applications to remove online trademark and IP infringements.

When to use it

The most common situations in which C&D applications are issued are:

The service main goal is to dismantle fraudulent websites and block domain names to avoid malicious uses from third parties. Sometimes, it can lead to a domain name purchase.

When a Cease & Desist applications is issued all involved agents are asked to desist any action that supports the delictive activity (registrars, Invernet Service Providers, Hosting providers and domain name owner).

Proactive issuing of C&D

Our monitoring and surveillance services analyse websites to detect new and existing domain names that use trademarks or similar variants, as well as web contents or domain name information. This allows us to identify websites that can be potentially used to launch phishing and malware attacks or use a brand as bait to sell other brand’ or pirated products, and counterfeits.
When our expert team detects a trademark infringement or highe risks of brand abuse, the Legal Department sistematically requests a Cease & Desists.

Recover your domain names

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