BrandIntel Enterprise

Detect and remove fraud and counterfeiting on all online sales channels

Marketplaces · Social media · Webs & eCommerce · Appstores · Paid Ads · Chat & Shopping apps

A powerful multi-channel brand monitoring tool

BrandIntel tracks brand presence in all online sales channels thanks to one of the most advanced technologies available on the market.

BrandIntel manages large amounts of data and identifies different illegitimate brand usages in multiple contexts – like marketplaces, social media, websites, appstores, online ads, or shopping and chat apps.

+ 1000

worldwide scanned marketplaces

+ 30

social media platforms scanned

+ 30

appstores analysed, 29 in the USA and 29 in China

No time or resources?

We manage your trademark infringements from start to finish

Using a powerful tool like BrandIntel to detect trademarks infringements often means detecting more issues than our team can manage.

BrandIntel offers you a complete trademark infringements management that combines the online platform and our analysts and legal experts.

We monitor online marketplaces, websites, and social media, and we take down approximately 2,000 sites every year in addition to making test purchases and removing our brands from websites.”

Global Director of Trademarks from Pharma industry

Modular service

Enable only those modules your protection strategy needs

Ubilibet - BrandIntel Modules

Maps and profiles key offenders

BrandIntel scans all online channels and compiles and manages large amounts of data.

As BrandIntel runs into infringements, it gathers all evidences and creates offender profiles, mapping all their activity and platforms where they operate globally.

Every time it detects a new name, address, email or phone number, it is added to the offender profile, which visually displays how they are connected.

Investigation reports are agreat support tool for legal teams, since it decrease their response time to infringements.

Infringements prioritization

The platform uses the technology Risk 2.0, that sets customised values that estimate which infringements represent a greater risk, helping you decide what legal actions are a priority.

Ubilibet - BrandIntel - Data Prioritization

Smart image recognition

Using Machine Learning technology, tracks and learns to detect altered images related to your brand, product or designs.

Proactive detection
Greater coverage
Faster detection

Zero’s intelligent auto-clustering technology pinpointed where our main infringers were situated and allowed our team to select key culprits and facilitate swift online and offline actions.”

Head of Brand Protection from Automotive industry


Manage infringements in bulk, in only 2 clicks

No time to manage so many violations?

If you are faced with high volumes of infringements that require a lot of time and dedication (which you do not have), BrandIntel Enterprise is your ideal solution.

It automatically prioritizes violations by risk. You just have to select all the ones that need to be removed and activate the request: 2 clicks to eliminate all the violations you want.

Want to know more?

Contact us, we will tell you all about the service and platform.

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