Content Spoofing Monitoring

Ubilibet’s Domain Name Monitoring service allows you to surveil and track changes on third-party registered domains, so you can prevent potential cyberattacks. This is especially recommended if you want to keep an eye on:

Website Spoofing Monitoring

Our automated system regularly checks all updates made to a website, including text and non-text elements — images, look and feel, logos, etc. This way, you can identify early on any changes that could impact your online reputation.

Whois Monitoring

From DNS to contacts, domain holder or registrar identity, Ubilibet monitors all changes made to the Whois of a registered domain. Our goal is to identify Whois updates preceding a potential cyberattack, such as a registrar transfer resulting from domain trading or a change to the DNS indicating a phishing campaign.

Monitoring Whois changes also allows our team to flag in advance domains that are about to expire, so you can register them before anyone else.

DNS Zone Monitoring

Monitoring the DNS zone of a registered domain name allows you to keep an eye on the key logs necessary to launch a cyberattack. For example, a new MX record can be a sign of scamming or a potential phishing campaign, while changes to the A record usually mean the domain has been transferred to another hosting provider and could therefore have new fraudulent content.

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