Terms and Conditions of Privacy & Proxy Services for Domain Names

Last updated: 10/01/2024
Version: 1.1

This agreement forms an integral part of and is supplementary to the General Terms and Conditions of Service of UBILIBET (GTCS). The GTCS and this agreement lay down the terms and conditions applicable to the Privacy&Proxy service that UBILIBET provides to the Customer.

Privacy Services — Privacy services enable a domain name holder to be listed as a registrant in the registry, but to publish alternative valid contact information (such as a mail forwarding service address).

Proxy services — Proxy services enable a domain name holder to keep certain identity and contact details confidential in public Whois information. The proxy service provider (in this case UBILIBET, if the Customer subscribes to the Service) becomes the owner of the name registered in the registry and its identity and contact information appears in the Whois data.

In this case, it will be UBILIBET who keeps you informed as to what happens with the Customer’s domain, given that all communications relating to your domain(s) will be sent to the addresses enabled by UBILIBET as proxy service provider. By virtue of the very essence of the service, the Customer authorises UBILIBET to undertake as many actions as may be necessary with the third parties involved in their name and on their behalf; in particular, UBILIBET will forward the communications to the Customer, and will also reply to the different agents involved.
In order to subscribe to this service, the Customer must provide all the data requested by UBILIBET for this service to be provided correctly.

All the information received by the Customer will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party (unless required to do so by law).

UBILIBET will in no case be responsible for the actions of the Customer, for which reason UBILIBET has the right to refuse, suspend or cancel the service under certain circumstances and may even disclose the Customer’s personal information if required to do so by the competent authorities.

These circumstances will be given when there is a flagrant unlawful act, when there is a threat to users or in the event that there is an open legal proceeding brought against the Customer or, as UBILIBET is an accredited registrar agent and proxy provider, to comply with the rules, policies or procedures of ICANN.

The Customer accepts and consents to this integral part of these Terms and Conditions when subscribing to the service.

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